What are you working for?


WWN-52-cover-rendered-250x250We’ve talked about business attitude before on this blog but the Editor in Chief of What’s Working Now said it best in the July 2014 issue.

If you’re an entrepreneur you need to know what you’re working for, who you’re working for and what you SHOULD not be doing.

If you have the attitude of an employee and you’re trying to build your own business then your attitude is just wrong!

You have to change.

I always say that great employees could make great entrepreneurs.

Great employees get things done!

Great employees go the extra mile.

Great employees never watch the clock.

Great employees never pass the buck!

Great employees take responsibility for their actions!

Great employees don’t know what their job description is!

So why is it that there are still such Great Employees and they aren’t entrepreneurs?

They seem to have all the character traits that will make for an entrepreneur don’t you think?

Well it’s not that they lack anything, they are afraid of one thing.

Failing if they step out on their own.

The one thing that holds most people back from embarking on their own business is FEAR OF FAILURE.

I have two friends who always come to me with great ideas and I tell them, well go and start it!

They say, “that’s not for me. I can’t do that.”

They know the idea is brilliant, they know exactly how to execute it, but for some reason or another they are just afraid that they will fail.

So they never try.

There is so much potential in the world and so many people who change their life and the lives of so many other people, all they need to do is get over their fear of failure.

These great employees will end up working all their lives hoping that the retirement checks in whatever form they come will be able to maintain their living standards.

I remember a few years back in the line at the grocery store and my heart broke watching this old lady putting her items on the belt.

She was calculating as she put each item on the belt trying to make sure she didn’t cross her quota. I immediately noticed that she had the basics going on the belt first…. Flour, oil, butter, milk, half a dozen eggs (because clearly she couldn’t afford a dozen), some cans of tuna…..

She also had a head of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber in her little basket, but she did not put those on the belt until she saw what the total was on the cash register.

She waited for the tally then put the tomatoes on the belt and proceeded to put the other items to the side.

She couldn’t afford the lettuce and cucumber.

Telling this story now I’m wondering what stopped me from getting her the lettuce and cucumber.

I can’t remember but I do know that I was in a very similar situation as her. It’s just that my quota in dollar amounts was larger, but I was still on a quota and I was still going to be doing exactly what she did.

I had more items in my basket, but I was still going to have to count.

Seeing ourselves in these situations I said that I wasn’t going to allow that to happen to me.

I become a GREAT employee for myself!

I had always heard my parents say, the only way you’ll make money is if you work for yourself.

Well that’s true, but it’s not just work for yourself, but it’s making money work for you.

You’re probably wondering what was the point of that story?

Well the point is that you need to know what you’re working for. Most times it’s a combination of things that you don’t want, like not wanting to have to check the items you have in the cart as you check out at the grocery, or not wanting to be dreading the bills as they arrive.

And then there are the things you want – like a house to live in and call your own; or a car or vacations with your family; or private school for your children.

Whatever the case may be!

Whatever you’re working on and spending your God given time on this earth should lead towards something and away from something else.

If you recognize that what you’re doing now is NOT going to allow you to retire at age 40 and still be able to fly to Australia every six months, then you need to change what you’re doing right now.



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