Hello everyone! As you know I’m on a journey!

A Journey to network marketing success!

The only way to be successful is to help others along the way. A very important woman once said, “You must Praise people to success” So here’s the lesson for today:

How to write a not just a good sales letter but a stella-lettering. sales letter.

Now I am going to say right off the bat I am no expert in this area but you can learn from some experts in the field of copywriting by clicking this link I actually learned these techniques not from the Copywriter’s Guild but from a few FREE reports that were in included in the Magnetic Sponsoring (now AMF) course.

So here goes!

The first thing you should have is a compelling headline that qualifies your audience.

Obviously you’re not addressing this sales copy to just anybody.

You’re trying to get a specific target market’s attention.

Basically you’re putting in here something that will make the reader say, “Hey that’s me he’s talking about. I need to read some more”.

You then want to lay out the story This is what the reader probably goes through on a daily basis.

So you will be writing about John D who spends hours and hours writing, rather crafting emails to different people trying to sell his product and he never get any responses or if he gets a response it’s usually a , “no thank you I’m not interested.” and he’s sitting there wondering what’s wrong with my emails. What’s wrong with my ads?

Or you want to write to your readers about the wasted money they spend in purchasing leads and not having the courage to call or email a single one because they just don’t know what to say;

or you just want to write about how many rejections they had after 5 years of being in their business.

All these are stories that your reader is going to connect with.

After you’ve basically told them a story  about their own life.

It is at this point you want to present to them the solution

You want to tell that there is a solution and that they can learn how it works. You give them the success story that you became once you started implementing this solution.

You want to tell them about the 5 leads you’re getting everyday because of the tools you implemented etc.

Then you want to Educate on the how and the why the system works.

Detail detail detail.

Let them know it works because it teaches you step by step how to bring about a response in your readers.

Let them know why it works – the secrets behind the system.

It works because ….. (you fill in the blanks).

Having taken them through this process this is where you offer them the solution that will ease their pain and suffering of losing money in their business.

These steps may seem pretty simple, but it does take a lot of practice to perfect.

These aren’t the only tools and ways of writing a DAMN good sales letter but it will sure get you on your way!

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